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The New BBS Training Academy

📍Online Learning, January 2023

After years of development, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new eLearning platform at BBS Training Academy. After several years of development, our faculty and team have been working in line with accrediting bodies to develop a new line of CPD courses aimed at professional and athletic development for multi-sports, specialising in Holistic Science for the sports, fitness & wellbeing industries.

We proudly share our new Academy presentation and our online courses and resources. We look forward to working with sports enthusiasts, coaches, and instructors from our growing international community, both online and in presence. How to get involved:

  • FREE EDUCATION: The BBS101 series hosted on Discover with MAVERICKS explores the foundational principles and frequently asked questions about holistic training, movement, and flexibility. This is a FREE EDUCATION program to explore the world of Holistic Training. Hosted on YouTube, this program is designed for humans of all ages, levels and walks of life. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to EXPLORE. MOVE. THRIVE.

  • TRAINING & WORKSHOPS: Workshops and training sessions are available at our MAVERICKS Crans-Montana training centre as part of the new schedule of our @Academie de Sport. To organise workshops for the team or training centre, please get in touch with our team via the website (Currently booking UK & Swiss-based locations only).

  • eLEARNING & COURSES: Our new eLearning courses will be hosted on our dedicated platform. Explore our courses in Functional Flexibility, Holistic Training, Coaching & Communication Skills, Nutrition, Wellbeing & Habitat. EXPLORE OUR COURSES:

OUR COURSES are split into four domains of education:

  • BBS Holistic Training (Mapped to CIMSPA/USCCE National Standards)

  • L&S Movement & Flexibility (Mapped to CIMSPA/USCCE National Standards)

  • CCS Coaching & Communication Skills (Mapped to CIMSPA/USCCE National Standards)

  • Lifestyle & Wellbeing (Mapped to HSc Holistic Science Framework - Electives)

ACCREDITATION UPDATE: Our new courses are mapped to CIMSPA and USCCE National Standards and are currently in the application process for accreditation.



Mavericks Life Co.

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