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Educational Multimedia Productions | Active Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Jessica Christensen co-founded MAVERICKS DIGITAL alongside Lars Christensen in 2012, bringing together our consultancy and production expertise to pioneer educational media content within sports and fitness education.


Leveraging our background in Media Production, digital technology, and education within our field, our team transformed into creators and distributors of educational content across diverse mediums. This included immersive eLearning experiences, captivating video production, striking photography, engaging educational graphics, and insightful publications. This synergy invigorated our educational offerings, rendering them accessible and impactful for all levels of learning and backgrounds: from professional to recreational interests. 

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Our multimedia productions aim to share our expertise in Active Lifestyle and Wellbeing sciences with a wider audience. While not everyone aspires to be a sports, fitness, or wellbeing professional, there are many valuable lessons from our field of expertise that are beneficial for everyday use by everyone!

We're passionate about sharing our knowledge, especially when it contributes to enhancing your quality of life and promoting an active lifestyle. This knowledge also helps in developing a deeper connection with yourself, both mentally and physically, as well as understanding your surroundings and environment better. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow for our free educational content!

Our multimedia team comprises talented and experienced young photographers, videographers, and designers who enthusiastically embrace 'The MAVERICKS Way'. Working together, they bring our educational and training content to life through various media formats.

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