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Multimedia Education by MAVERICKS Life Co.

Jessica Christensen co-founded MAVERICKS DIGITAL alongside Lars Christensen. This dynamic partnership blended her proficiency in Media Arts and digital production with her knowledge of holistic sports science education. The result was a transformative collaboration that empowered our multimedia team to flourish. We evolved into creators and distributors of educational content through diverse mediums, including immersive e-learning experiences, captivating video production, striking photography, engaging educational graphics, and insightful publications. This synergy breathed life into our educational offerings, making them accessible and impactful in the digital realm.

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Our multimedia team is a vibrant collective of talented and experienced young photographers, videographers, and designers who wholeheartedly embrace "The MAVERICKS Way" of working. This approach seamlessly blends remote collaboration with exhilarating production weeks held at our Switzerland-based headquarters, where we specialize in Holistic Training sports science education.

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