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Hosting TAMK Proakatemia Graduate Project

TAMK Proakatemia in Crans-Montana, Switzerland
TAMK Proakatemia in Crans-Montana, Switzerland

FLIP Solutions Osk., a multicultural team of students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) Proakatemia in Finland, travelled to Crans-Montana for a collaboration with Mavericks Life Co. for their final international team project, facilitated in partnership with HES Valais HES-SO associé Haute Ecole de Gestion Institut Entrepreneuriat & Management. The challenge included bringing a complex digital communications project to life, in bringing 'The Mavericks Way" ethos and lifestyle experience from our physical Training Centre, adapted to our new digital platform

The collaboration between FLIP Solutions Osk. and Mavericks Life Co. began with meticulous planning and and briefing of the online communications brief, setting the stage for successful project execution by FLIP Solutions team. Upon arriving in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, we welcomed the graduate teams and helped them get immersed in our active workspace designed to foster creativity and productivity.

Throughout the project, FLIP Solutions Osk. experienced The Mavericks Way firsthand—a unique blend of work, active lifestyle with a focus on nature-based solutions. Mavericks Life Co. introduced the team to innovative rope flow workouts amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Swiss mountains, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to team engagement, cohesion and performance.

"Collaborating with MAVERICKS in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, was a pleasure. Jessica's focus on team building and training strengthened trust and allowed us to experience The Mavericks Way firsthand. I recommend her to anyone seeking whole-systems training methods." - Ella Muja, TAMK Graduate and FLIP team leader.

"Working with Jessica was a pleasure. Her passion for detail and training integrated seamlessly into our workdays at Mavericks Club. The MAVERICKS team hosting and facilitation made our collaboration memorable." Kamil Wojcik, TAMK Graduate and FLIP team leader

"We were delighted to collaborate with FLIP Solutions Osk. on their final project for Proakatemia. The synergy between Proakatemia's talent development philosophies and the team's abilities was remarkable. Their seamless project coordination ensured high-quality outcomes, reflecting the team's dedication and professionalism. Their leadership and creativity were instrumental in navigating project challenges. We thoroughly enjoyed the synergy between our teams and wish them all bright futures ahead." - Jessica Christensen, CEO and Academy Director

In this short intensive week, we witnessed the power of combining a whole-systems approach in utilising different skill sets and perspectives, leading to innovative solutions and problem-solving. We are so thrilled we have been able to host this memorable week for the TAMK graduates, and we're eager to continue leveraging our versatile Training Centre in Crans-Montana for team building, corporate training, and educational workshops.

Team Building & Corporate Training Space, Crans-Montana
Team Building & Corporate Training Space, Crans-Montana

We look forward to welcoming more teams who wish to experience an immersive training experience.

Congratulations to all the FLIP Team TAMK graduates! We hope you keep sharing your energy and passions for entrepreneurship and beyond.

Special thanks to Antoine Perruchoud, Prof. HES-SO Valais, Dr. Vincent Grèzes, Professeur HES associé, Rafal Rafal HYS, Délégué à la Promotion Economique, Association des communes de Crans-Montana (ACCM).



Mavericks Life Co.

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