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Press Event: Natural History Museum, London

📍Natural History Museum, London, 19th April 2023

Mavericks Life Co. proudly announced the official launch of at a prestigious event held in London's iconic Natural History Museum. The evening was a celebration of innovation and a testament to Mavericks' commitment to bridging the gap in sports and fitness education, and the opportunities for the industry to make a positive impact in human and environmental health,

Jessica Christensen, Founder and CEO of Mavericks Life Co., welcomed attendees with gratitude, reflecting on the company's 15-year journey. She reiterated Mavericks' founding mission: to inspire people to embrace an active lifestyle and develop more affinity to the natural symbiotic state between humans and nature, emphasising the need to simplify the often complex world of sports and fitness, ensuring accessibility for all.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by enthusiasts in navigating the technicalities of the industry, Christensen highlighted the platform's focus on simplicity, enjoyment, and scientific validity. aims to empower individuals by starting with the basics and encouraging them to engage in activities they love.

The event showcased a range of free resources and essential workshops designed to provide fundamental knowledge about wellbeing and sports science. Attendees were invited to explore the platform's offerings and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In her closing remarks, Christensen expressed gratitude for the support received and shared excitement for the future of With its user-friendly approach and emphasis on enjoyment, the platform promises to redefine and inspire the way people approach sports and fitness.

The platform provides a wealth of free information and affordable training workshops, including a free YouTube educational series, Discover with MAVERICKS.


Jessica Christensen - CEO & Creative Director

Light Motif - Event Production

Action Group - Guestlist & Hospitality

Be Seasoned - Catering

MAVERICKS Life Co. - event & production team Julian Grimm, Alexis Feuillet, Paola Lizza, Lars Christensen, Holly Cammell.



Mavericks Life Co.

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