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Paving "The MAVERICKS Way"

📍London, April 2023

After over a year of development, MAVERICKS Life Co. is proud to unveil its latest project, and the YouTube series "Discover with MAVERICKS". is an educational hub that helps you explore an active lifestyle by engaging with your natural environment. Through specialised educational videos, training resources, and workshops, we teach concepts that help you understand your body, improve your skills, and boost your wellbeing.

From our Training Centre in the Swiss Alps, we bring you cutting-edge natural science & professional training expertise on the invigorating effects of a dynamic lifestyle.

Learn & train, The MAVERICKS Way!

EXPLORE: New episodes of Discover with MAVERICKS are released every Friday on YouTube. We explore all the ways we can move and thrive as humans in modern times, remembering our heritage of being a part of the natural world.

MOVE: Discover Human FUNctional Training, our online workshops & events aimed at training active humans who want to stay active & thrive! Join us online or for our seasonal London-based events (indoor & outdoor).

THRIVE: Sign up to access free lessons, webinars & courses presented by our international hub of experts and the teaching faculty at MAVERICKS Life Co. Learn the basics of Holistic Science linking habitat & human health.

SHOP: Our Evergreen Collection is a concept store focused on designs that are small, daily reminders to EXPLORE, MOVE & THRIVE as humans belonging to the natural world. We proudly support the World Land Trust’s BUY AN ACRE programme to help preserve endangered natural habitats.



Mavericks Life Co.

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