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New Branding & Mission

📍 Crans-Montana, Switzerland, September 2022

After 15 years of running our UK and Swiss companies, 2022 was the year we unified our vision and mission. Originally founded in 2008 in Richmond, UK - our Swiss entity was created in 2016 as MAVERICKS Consulting Sàrl.

With a continued commitment to providing education and consulting services to the sports, fitness & wellbeing industries - our companies underwent a merger encompassing 12 months of development. Driven by the creative and strategic vision of CEO Jessica Christensen, our company underwent the following transformation over 2022:

  • Productivity, financial and efficiency audit (3 months)

  • Mission and compliance (3 months)

  • Branding and positioning (3 months)

  • Training & operational implementation (3 months)

We are pleased to unveil our new unified branding and mission for MAVERICKS Life Co.

MAVERICKS Life Co. is an active lifestyle education company specialising in holistic sciences, linking habitat & human health. From our Training Centre in the Swiss Alps, we bring you cutting-edge natural science & professional training expertise to the sports, fitness & wellbeing industry. A UK/Swiss family company established out of a passion for educating and empowering people to live an active lifestyle in affinity with the natural world.

OUR VISION: Human ideas in a natural world.

The development of a Holistic Science Framework, shaping how we re-think health and wellbeing by putting HUMANS FIRST. To provide wellbeing and performance education for all levels and backgrounds - from accredited CPD courses for professionals to fun, light-hearted resources for beginners. We envision a framework supported by science but leaving space to foster creativity and intuition.

We are looking to develop an international community that values diversity in a way that goes hand-in-hand with the understanding that we're also the last line of 6 million years of evolution. Homo Sapiens is the last surviving species of hominins, so we should also look at what makes us similar rather than only at what makes us different.

OUR MISSION: To inspire, The MAVERICKS Way...

Created out of a passion for educating and empowering people to live an active life in affinity with the natural world. Our mission is to engage and inspire more like-minded individuals - where they are, and with more impact - by showcasing a new and pragmatic way of exploring ideas and comprehending a sustainable lifestyle that is inspired by and respectful of nature.

👣 F​ind your own path 👣 Enjoy your life 👣 Move more 👣 Thrive outdoors 👣 Remember who you are, where you came from and what you’ve seen along the way…




Mavericks Life Co.

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