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Managing Director

ZR London Dance Co.

As a professional dancer and choreographer, Paola is historical member of the team since 2008, directing ZR London Dance Co, our UK- based events division.

Originally from Italy, Paola is a trained dancer and choreographer. After a youth spent in dance, she moved to Rome, where she worked for some of the best Italian Choreographers and Italian celebrities. Paola met Jessica in London, where she was employed as a dance teacher and events coordinator at the company’s first studio, Richmond Dance in 2008. As a dancer, she worked for Kayne West, Ashely Wallen, Hege Okstad, Leona Lewis, Hugh Grant & Meryl Streep. As a Choreographer, she has choreographed for films, TV commercials, music videos, corporate events, private parties, TV shows, and live concerts.

After working with Jessica for over 12 years, since 2019, she now fully runs our London-based entertainment and production division, which employs over fifty dancers and performers in the UK and internationally and large-scale media and entertainment contracts such as Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

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