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Production Manager

Discover with MAVERICKS

Julian, music & video producer, works with Jessica & the creative team to oversee the production and distribution of video media and our channels.

Hailing from Brazil, Julian started his path in adult life studying Media and Communications in his home town, São Paulo. Although he loved what he was studying, It wasn’t long until he diverged into a new direction: fronting a Punk Rock band.

This passion for music brought him to London to study Audio Engineering and Music Production. After years of working in music production, he decided to merge both of his biggest passions in life: Sound and Image. Having worked mainly in music and dance videos and with many great companies such as Warner Brothers, Ableton, Antelope Audio and more.

Julian joined the MAVERICKS team in 2022 to take over our video production and distribution, including project managing, post-production and development of our eLearning education content and Youtube channel “Discover with MAVERICKS.”

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