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MAVERICKS Life Co. specialises in holistic science for habitat and human health. We study and explore how lifestyle, training and performance enhance a sustainable approach to life. Holistic Science is a field of study that is rooted in examining complex systems to develop a global understanding, rather than focusing on isolated components. Holistic science can be applied to a number of fields including health, wellbeing, ecology, business, economics, psychology, physics, etc. It is a "macro" approach that studies the full spectrum of components that interplay to create cause & effect.

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The study & applications of Holistic Science

Studying and applying Holistic Science is a complex, never-ending task. It is akin to studying patterns in an ever-changing sky or a constantly moving ocean. As a relatively new field of study, Jessica Z. Christensen has dedicated the last fifteen years to develop a framework that can apply to business, wellness, fitness and human performance. She is currently working towards publishing and developing explanatory research and holistic science models for the human/nature continuum. 


With over 15 years in the industry working as an educator and consultant for holistic training for sports, fitness & wellbeing, Jessica has made studying Holistic Science her life's work. 


She is a NASM CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, passionate about the physiology of adaptation and the link between our physical wellbeing and our external environments. Her studies include L4 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, Harvard Medical School HMX Physiology, Ecology Diploma, Philosophy of Science, and courses in Unfolding Evolution and Anatomy Trains in Motion - with continuing studies in evolutionary biology and natural sciences. Her work has been accredited by the United States Centre for Coaching Excellence, actively supports the World Land Trust and National History Museum in her pursuits to study and explore the human/nature continuum. 

What is Holistic Science?
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Jessica Z. Christensen, C.E.O.

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Active IQ Diploma L3 CPT

  • Harvard Medical School | HMX Fundamentals in Physiology (Certificate of Achievement)

  • Stonebridge Associated Colleges | Anatomy & Physiology - Advanced Level 4 (Distinction) 

  • Stonebridge Associated Colleges | Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 (Distinction)

  • Stonebridge Associated Colleges | L3 Ecology Diploma

  • Anatomy Trains | AT in Motion | The Science of Bodywork |  Embryology of Fascia

  • The University of Edinburgh | Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science

  • AFAA/NASM | Practical Yoga | Practical Pilates

  • FitsPro | Fascia Pilates Certification | Fascia & Sports

  • Fascia Research Society | Member 

  • Natural History Museum, London | Patron

  • United States Centre for Coaching Excellence | Accredited Program

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