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The HOLISTIC SCIENCE FRAMEWORK© is an interdisciplinary education framework linking based on a whole-systems approach to human physiology, in constant dynamic interaction with its environment. It helps us shape a new understanding of health, wellbeing, and performance.  

"HOLISTIC SCIENCE is an umbrella term to describe a whole-systems, interdisciplinary approach to life science, through the study of complex systems and interactions in nature." - Jessica Christensen, CEO and Academy Director at MAVERICKS Life Co.



At MAVERICKS Life Co, we place an active lifestyle at the centre of the way humans interact with the natural world, and we study and explore how lifestyle, training, and performance enhance a sustainable approach to life. Holistic Science is a field of study that is rooted in examining complex systems to develop a global understanding, rather than focusing on isolated components. Holistic Science can be applied to a number of fields including health, wellbeing, ecology, business, economics, psychology, evolution, etc. It is a "macro" approach that studies the full spectrum of components that interplay to create cause & effect.


At  MAVERICKS Life Co. we have developed a framework that links habitat and human health through an understanding of the complexity of life science and evolution. It includes our four main fields of study and analysis, which we use for the creation of our courses and educational resources:


  • EVOLUTION & HABITAT: The study of human co-evolution as part of nature. We explore the co-evolution of humans and their habitat over time, examining the interactions between humans and nature that have shaped our existence.

  • TRAINING PHYSIOLOGY: We delve into sports science and training physiology, which allow us to understand how our bodies behave during training and everyday life. We place a particular interest in the study of the adaptive systems of our body in training.

  • CULTURE & DIVERSITY: This forms another dimension of our work, as we embrace the diverse cultures and genetics that make up the human population. This perspective broadens our horizons and enhances our understanding of what health and performance mean to each individual as we bring in the context of genetics and adaptive physiology within a cultural context.

  • COMPLEXITY THEORY:  An integral part of holistic sciences, we integrate all these aspects and gain a comprehensive view of humans and their habitat, ultimately influencing our wellbeing and performance. Complexity Theory is the study of evolution of intelligent design over time.

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Studying and applying Whole-Systems science to health and performance is an endlessly intricate and evolving endeavor. It mirrors the exploration of patterns in a perpetually shifting sky or a constantly moving ocean.


Given its status as a relatively new field of study, Jessica R. Christensen has devoted the past fifteen years to crafting a comprehensive framework that can be applied to diverse domains such as business, wellbeing fitness, and human performance, and is now using the framework as a baseline for completing and MSc in Environment & Human Health at the University of Exeter's faculty of Life Sciences at St Luke's. 

Our ultimate goal is to extend the reach of our framework into the wellbeing and health sectors, aiming to make an even more significant impact. By integrating Whole-Systems principles into these crucial areas, we aspire to enhance overall human flourishing and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.


Through continuous refinement and adaptation, we are committed to ensuring that our framework remains at the forefront of innovation and positively influences the lives of individuals and communities alike.

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