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Nature-Based Approaches are solutions rooted in natural science that provide co-benefits both people and the planet. The sports, fitness, and wellbeing industry is highly unsustainable, relying heavily on machinery, equipment, products, high energy costs, and leaving a significant carbon footprint. Moving towards nature-based approaches means supporting local communities, improving our environment and aligning to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At MAVERICKS Life Co., our education is based on exploring the best nature-based solution we have to improve physical fitness: the human body interacting with the natural environment. Whether you're looking to integrate more outdoor training into your business ecosystem or aiming to reduce energy budgets through skill-based training and calisthenics-based approaches, our education programs will help you transition towards more sustainable and highly effective practices based on natural sports science.

Our education options: - Nature-Based Training Education - Skill-Based Sports Science Education

Training Centre, Crans Montana - Training retreats and consulting

Workshops & Events - Hosted at your location

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TMW_2022_Title_Grey1D1D1D.png is an educational hub by MAVERICKS Life Co. created to help you explore an active lifestyle by engaging with your natural environment. Through specialised educational videos, training resources, and online workshops, we teach concepts that guide you to understand your body, improve your skills and boost your wellbeing.

From our Training Centre in the Swiss Alps, we bring you a cutting-edge blend of life science and professional training expertise of the invigorating effects of nature-based active lifestyle. Learn & train, The MAVERICKS Way!

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